Eager to Eat Healthier? Visit Your Local Supplement Shop.

Enjoy meal replacement smoothies or healthy teas in Skowhegan, ME

You're determined to start eating healthier, but it's hard when you're surrounded by fast food restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops. Good thing there's a new nutrition store in town!

High-Powered Nutrition opened in Skowhegan, ME in June 2019. We carry smoothies and teas. When the cravings hit, stop by our supplement shop for healthy versions of your favorite treats.

Visit us today to try our teas, smoothies and desserts for yourself.

healthy smoothies

Nutrition Smoothies

Find sugar-free and meal replacement smoothies at our Skowhegan, ME nutrition store.

heealthy teas

Nutrition Teas

After trying our healthy teas, you might never want to drink sugary soda again.

healthy food


Healthy sweets do exist-treat yourself at High-Powered Nutrition.

healthy food


Choose from 52 smoothie flavors and 15 cold-brewed teas.

We'll walk with you on your health journey

The owners of High-Powered Nutrition have been Herbalife consultants for over a year. After starting their journey to healthy living, they opened their supplement shop to offer nutritional desserts and drinks.

Curious about what's in our healthy teas and smoothies? We'd be happy to fill you in.

Don't think of eating healthier as giving up your favorite foods

You'll find all kinds of healthy alternatives at our nutrition store in Skowhegan, ME. If you love...

Soda, try our sugar- and fat-free tea.

Iced coffee, try our protein-based mochas.

Slushies or milkshakes, try our meal replacement smoothies.

It will be love at first sip. Try these drinks today.